Lady Blue Eyes: My Life with Frank

Lady Blue Eyes My Life with Frank Thirty years after she first heard his voice singing on the jukebox at her local drive in Barbara Ann Blakely heard Frank Sinatra take the wedding vows that began his fourth final and most enduring

  • Title: Lady Blue Eyes: My Life with Frank
  • Author: Barbara Sinatra
  • ISBN: 9780307382344
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Paperback
  • Thirty years after she first heard his voice singing on the jukebox at her local drive in, Barbara Ann Blakely heard Frank Sinatra take the wedding vows that began his fourth, final, and most enduring marriage In Lady Blue Eyes, Barbara Sinatra s first public love letter to the husband she adored, she celebrates the sensational singer, possessive mate, sexy heartthrob,Thirty years after she first heard his voice singing on the jukebox at her local drive in, Barbara Ann Blakely heard Frank Sinatra take the wedding vows that began his fourth, final, and most enduring marriage In Lady Blue Eyes, Barbara Sinatra s first public love letter to the husband she adored, she celebrates the sensational singer, possessive mate, sexy heartthrob, and devoted friend that she found in Frank For than two decades, Barbara was always by his side, traveling the globe and hosting glittering events for their famous friends, including presidents, kings, queens, Hollywood royalty, and musical legends Among them were Sammy Davis, Jr Princess Grace of Monaco, Bob Dylan, and Ronald Reagan Each night, as Frank publicly wooed his bride with love songs from a concert stage, she d fall in love with him all over again From her own humble beginnings in a small town in Missouri to her time as a fashion model and her marriage to Zeppo Marx, Barbara Sinatra reveals a life lived with passion, conviction, and grace A founder of the Miss Universe pageant and a onetime Vegas showgirl, she raised her only son almost single handedly in often dire circumstances until, after five years of tempestuous courtship, she and Frank committed to each other wholeheartedly In stories that leap off the page, she takes us behind the scenes of her iconic husband s legendary career and paints an intimate portrait of a man who was variously generous, jealous, witty, and wicked Coupled with revealing insights about many of Frank s celebrated songs, this is much than the story of a showbiz marriage It is a story of passion and of a deep and lifelong love.From the Hardcover edition.

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    • Barbara Sinatra

      Barbara Sinatra was an American model and showgirl who was married to Frank Sinatra from 1976 until his death in 1998 The Sinatras founded the Barbara Sinatra Children s Center in Rancho Mirage, California.

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    • Initially, I picked this book up to read because prior to Frank Sinatra, Barbara was married to Zeppo Marx, and I'm always up for more Marx Brothers scoop. Plus, I read Tina Sinatra's My Father's Daughter, and in typical fashion, I remember little about it but that neither Tina nor Nancy have any love lost for fourth wife Barbara. By Tina's account, I vaguely recall, Barbara isolated Frank from the rest of the family, and pushed him to constantly tour to fund her extravagant lifestyle. While thi [...]

    • Vapid = lacking a lifeHere is a woman who ran through three husbands plus another live-in arrangement and her entire goal in life was to find another man who could support her in the style she preferred. Ladder = a means of risingWhy drive a Honda when you can have a Rolls? Why work a regular job when you can be a Vegas showgirl and then complain how hard it is (apparently the equivalent to working in the fields)? Why be responsible for anything when there are willing men ready to pay for whatev [...]

    • This is a book that is supposed to make me think Barbara Sinatra was the luckiest woman to be married to Frank Sinatra. Yes, she had a great life with him. But I don't think she has a clue to how selfish she made herself out to be. She kept repeating that everything was 'for her son'ever he hardly was in her life between her career & men. When she walked in to find Zeppo Marx with his hands around her son's neck, you would have thought she'd leave him instantly. But nowhere was she to go? Gi [...]

    • It appears that Lady Blue Eyes was born with a strong sense of entitlement and an over exalted opinion of herself.I enjoyed this book, a lot, although I must confess I skipped long passages where the Lady talked about her life, beliefs, and her son.What makes the book worthwhile is her description of Francis Albert.It stands to reason that a guy as popular as Sinatra was, a guy with as many personal and dedicated friends as he had, could not have been the monster that the press has made him out [...]

    • The book is a biography so It's about a person, The person that the story is about is Barbara Sinatra and her life and who she came to be and also her life with Frank and how she met and married him. The main characters are Barbara Sinatra and Frank Sinatra. "Although it was a closed casket,I wanted frank to look his best, so I had the staff at the funeral home dress him in one of his finest navy blue suits and striped tie."(Sinatra pg.359) "He was buried with a flask of Jack Daniel's, a roll of [...]

    • Ninety nine percent of the people reading this book are looking for insight into Frank Sinatra and I am happy that Barbara wisely keeps the focus on her husband.This is the most insightful look at the personal side of THE man yet written, penned by someone who cared for him and accepted him, warts and all. He truly had the world on a string or as Dean often used to say, "It's Frank's world and we just live in it".

    • Barbara Sinatra is an interesting woman, seemed very well liked and loved by her husbands!A beautiful blonde who seemed to have no ambitions beyond being well taken care of andloved. She had a good life, more power to her. Charity seemed to be important to bothher and Frank. The fact that she almost makes no mention of Frank's children does seem a littleweird.I enjoyed the book, it is a lifestyle that few people have any more.

    • I don't recommend this book. I will be reading a better discussion of Frank Sinatra's life. Barbara Sinatra tells mainly her own life story which happens to include Frank. The book starts at her childhood. Her life is kind of interesting however it's hard to be engrossed when you dislike the narrator.

    • While I loved reading how generous and professional Frank Sinatra was, the one thing that stuck out to me was how materialistic his widow was/is. Still a good read despite that.

    • This book is mostly a chance for Barbara Sinatra to drop names, but despite that I found it interesting to learn more about Frank Sinatra's life.

    • My husband is a fan of Frank Sinatra, we listened audio together.We enjoyed this and hearing another side. of Frank.

    • Interesting inside scoop on a celebrity lifestyle. I enjoyed it, even though I didn't really like the author/protagonist. Interesting picture of 50s/60s/70s culture, though.

    • Well, this book definitely gave insight to the rich and famous and how they love their lives. I mean, it was the era they lived it, the popularity and celebrity status that was granted to them and the lifestyle they were accustomed to. I get it. Mrs. Sinatra, who liked to frequently refer to herself like that, did live a special high society life and I can see how some readers would link his to being snotty, chin up high, gold digger kind of person, but I have to admit, it was a good read and it [...]

    • On an impulse, I borrowed this audio book from the public library when I found the shelves rather limited on choices. And since I grew up listening to his music and watching Sinatra on the big screen, I thought it would be like listening to the gossip as provided by “Photoplay” or “The Motion Picture” magazine . . . it was! Unfortunately, the picture painted by Barbara Sinatra describes how she ran through three husbands and other live-in arrangements. It seems to me that her goal in lif [...]

    • Lovely book!I really enjoyed reading this book by the last Mrs. Sinatra about her life. Her evolution from a small town to running a modeling school to showgirl to life in the fast track with Frank Sinatra was fascinating. Many reviewers accuse her of being shallow and vapid but to me she came through as fun, loving, caring and a very hard worker. I think she deserved every bauble Frank bought for her. He can't have been easy to live with and it sounds like she gave him what he needed when he ne [...]

    • Interesting book written by Barbara Sinatra, fourth and longest-serving wife of the late Frank Sinatra. She published this memoir in 2011, 13 years after Frank's death. After starting out in modeling and a brief first marriage, she was married for a number of years to Zeppo Marx, the youngest of the Marx brothers but 26 years her senior. After being together about a dozen years, she married Frank Sinatra in 1976 after having dated him for about 5 years following her divorce. Sounds like for the [...]

    • I found this book interesting and delightful. It gives a great perspective of what the "roles" of women were int he 40s, 50s, 60s, etc. and how Barbara broke them. She was never a conformist, no matter how much her family or first two husbands wanted her to be. I didn't always agree with the way she handled certain situations, especially with her son. Barbara Blakeley was not a saint or angel, not even close. She lied, cheated, and ignored her son a lot (even though she claims that he was always [...]

    • As a huge Frank Sinatra fan I always wondered about the last few years of his life after he left the limelight. His 4th wife tells about it in an honest yet respectful way. The book starts out with her life and about halfway through she meets Frank and they have an affair. She and her ghostwriter did a fantastic job of presenting the real Frank - the generous, loving side, as well as the not so nice side. She sidesteps her relationship with his children (except for a few sentences about Frank Jr [...]

    • I knew nothing of Barbara Sinatra before I read this and her own story before she met Frank is interesting in its own right. There are many anecdotes about Frank and she speaks of him with great reverence and love. However she comes from a time where many women expected a man to keep and look after them and she seemed to be seeking that security from all three husbands. She does come across as shallow, materialistic and flighty and constantly name drops. I'm surprised Frank's children were never [...]

    • Don't knowWe don't know what goes on in other people's marriages, but I was troubled by this woman. It seems the money, jewelry & traveling meant more to her than Frank. Maybe he loved her, they were married for a long time. Maybe she found what she was looking for in himolder, rich famous guy. Whatever😕

    • well you have to like frank to read this.i guess people in hollywood are different than you and me. swapping wives like there's nothing to it. gave an interesting view of how frank operated. i liked frank and liked this story

    • Excellent read! Some great memories of Frank and happier times in the latter part of his life. Very glad that Barbara shared her memories with us.

    • This book was written by the woman Frank Sinatra spent the last 26 years of his life with. It talks of her life before & after Frank. I found it fascinating.

    • Frank Sinatra. I don’t have to type anything else. I came of age when hard rock was blasting from every kids radio, but I have always preferred songs that told a story, crooners, and of course, a great saloon song. When someone asks me about the music of the last 50 years, I always say, “I quit listening when Sinatra quit recording.” What a voice for a man whose ear drum was perforated at birth!I had the pleasure of seeing Mr. S. two of the times he performed in St. Louis…once in the 198 [...]

    • This autobiography focuses on Barbara Sinatra's life with Frank. She gives a detailed history of her growing up years and her two previous marriages, but over half of the book is about Frank and their life together. I don't doubt for a moment that Frank Sinatra was a perfectionist and a wonderful triple threat entertainer. His film and music career brought and is still bringing joy to many people. He is rightfully regarded as icon. His philanthropy was impressive, and continues to this day. That [...]

    • While I'm sure some of it was embellished and facts were overshadowed by the emotions they accompanied, the book was an interesting read. In this book, Mrs Sinatra gave her point of view on her life and her marriage to the music giant that was Frank Sinatra. While I found some episodes very objectionable, it was captivating. In any case, an entertaining read.

    • Wow. Barbara Sinatra certainly seemed to lead quite the charmed life. She did it all-worked her way up from a small Midwest farm town and wound up as Mrs. Chairman of the Board. Kudos to her, especially since she had struggled along the way, starting out as a young single mom supporting her son by working as a Las Vegas showgirl. What a cataclysmic climb.This gal seems to be sincere, determined, resilient and all about living life to the fullest, much like her late husband, the iconic Mr. Sinatr [...]

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