On Dark Shores: The Lady

On Dark Shores The Lady Trapped in fear and poverty after the death of her parents the thief Nereia will go to desperate lengths to protect her beautiful younger sister from the brutality of Copeland the moneylender No one

  • Title: On Dark Shores: The Lady
  • Author: J.A. Clement
  • ISBN: 9781908212016
  • Page: 224
  • Format: ebook
  • Trapped in fear and poverty after the death of her parents, the thief Nereia will go to desperate lengths to protect her beautiful younger sister from the brutality of Copeland the moneylender No one has dared to attempt escape before the whole of Scarlock trembles in his grasp Only Nereia s cunning and some unlooked for help give her hope.In a country still recoveriTrapped in fear and poverty after the death of her parents, the thief Nereia will go to desperate lengths to protect her beautiful younger sister from the brutality of Copeland the moneylender No one has dared to attempt escape before the whole of Scarlock trembles in his grasp Only Nereia s cunning and some unlooked for help give her hope.In a country still recovering from war, events are stirring, and the little harbour town will not remain obscure for long but in Scarlock, right now, Mr Copeland is coming to call and this time he s not taking no for an answer.

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    • J.A. Clement

      J.A Clement lives near London with her partner and a lunatic lurcher puppy with a predilection for watering cans She writes her fantasy series whenever she can, mostly in her lunch hour which probably explains the excessive number of bacon sandwiches that have to be edited out later Her To Write list is as big as your To Read list and covers several genres, but she just needs to finish this series first For a free ebook of The Locket, sign up to her newsletter at eepurl WLfLH She s happy to be contacted by readers via email at jaclement dot ondarkshores at gmail dot com She is happy to answer any questions she can without spoilers, and does love a good gossip with fellow bookworms You have been warned

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    • A small town is plunged into oppression single-handedly by a nasty piece of work. A long-ago wealthy child is now forced to live in squalor while trying to raise and protect her younger sister. A drug addict doing all the wrong things for the right reasons.These are only some of the characters you will encounter when you enter this little town. The main focal point of the town is not known for its beauty, it is known for its short skirts and ample bosoms. This quaint little port town is also bei [...]

    • This novella is very short and appears to be the beginning of a longer piece of work currently being written. It read like an introduction to a story and a rather large cast of characters and didn’t turn out to be very satisfying all on its own and it ended extremely abruptly. The prose is often beautifully written and almost has a dream-like feel to it which I loved and I see a lot of promise here with a little tweaking and expansion, especially when it comes to the characters and their pligh [...]

    • This is the first part of a much longer story. It is an introduction. That is really the long and the short of it. This part introduces several characters, several story arcs and lots of competing themes.It's hard to say if the reader really gets to know any of the characters well in this part, it's over too quickly and there's so much going on, you really can't get a good grasp on any of them.I imagine that the subsequent parts, of which we're told there will be at least two of, should allow fo [...]

    • The book genuinely frustrated me. I was the person toddling down a lovely forest trail on a lovely autumn evening, only to have a Mack truck careen out from the undergrowth, spraying me with the mud from the puddles I'd just been admiring, and go roaring down the path, steamrolling nifty literary conventions like pacing and plot arc.The story opens with a promise of a good yarn and four characters: the man who holds the town in a mafia-like vise of control, the muscle who got hooked on drugs aft [...]

    • When I was offered this book for review I was a little hesitant as I don't think of myself as a fantasy fan. However when I thought about it I do read a bit of fantasy and sci fi, so agreed to review it with the author being aware it wasn't one of my usual genres. Once again opening my mind to something different has paid dividends though.The harbour town of Scarlock is a virtual prison for its inhabitants, who are controlled by the moneylender Copeland.Those who get on the wrong side of him hav [...]

    • "On Dark Shores: The Lady" is a three part series that begins by introducing us to the thief, Nereia, and her much younger sister, Mary. They live in Scarlock, a tiny Harbor town dominated by a weasel of man named Copeland. Nothing gets past him, and the inhabitants of Scarlock live in fear of him and his bodyguard, a prior boxer named Blakey who spends his days roughing up the poor and unlucky who are unable to pay their debts.Nereia and Mary are cousins of Copeland, but unless you had read tha [...]

    • It took a little while to get into J.A. Clement’s On Dark Shores, the Lady, even though I’d already read the prequel, Parallels. But perhaps I was looking for too many parallels between the stories. Characters do reappear, but the story's set later and the future's more important than the past. The evil Copeland's still ruling the port town of Scarlock and Nereia, the thief, works for him, trying to keep her younger sister safe and fed. Boxer Blakey wounds people in his master's name but mig [...]

    • I was delighted by this story. Although I was a bit confused at first, I figured out what was going on and enjoyed it very much. This story has a fantasy flair in which the protagonist gets more than her fair share of hard blows. The author does a wonderful job of delving into human nature, and we get a big dish in of the evil of some in the antagonist. I gave this book four stars and recommend this book.

    • ***NOTE MY REVIEWS OFTEN CONTAIN SPOILERS***On Dark Shores: The Lady is an odd little story of the town of Scarlock and it's many battered residents trying to make their way though life. They live in a land that's apparently in the middle of some sort of war between the Shantari and the Mardon which I think are neighboring races but could be just neighboring countries. It's not really completely clarified within the text itself.The biggest issue with this story is that even though it's part of w [...]

    • Title: On Dark Shores: The LadyAuthor: JA ClementPublisher: Weasel Green Press March 2011AISN: B004S7JCYGFormat: E-book (Paperback, coming soon)In the tiny harbor town of Scarlock, the residents are dominated by fear. They live in trepidation of when the next visit from Copeland, the town moneylender, will come. Copeland takes pride in the fact that he ‘runs’ the town and is increasingly demanding in the money and goods he collects. Blakey is Copeland’s bodyguard and the man that does all [...]

    • Ahh, where to begin? Let me start by saying that this book is of a genre that wouldn’t usually be my first choice. Or second. Probably not even third. Then let me carry on to say that I am SO glad to have been offered the chance to read it, as On Dark Shores: The Lady is some of the best writing I have come across in a long time. It’s one of those books that has me enviously thinking “why can’t I write like that? It’s not fair!” every other sentence. Author J.A. Clements has the knac [...]

    • A dark, gripping novellaWithout realizing it, I'm discovering myself a fan of novellas. Short stories with wonderfully created worlds and disctinct characters that are very easily imagineable. On Dark Shores is such a novella. This story is set in a grimy little town where it is ruled mercilessly by the moneylender, Copeland. He and his bodyguard, Blakely, keep the villagers cowering with fear, extorting money and doling out beatings on a daily basis. There are two sisters, and one has been forc [...]

    • On Dark Shores: The Lady turned out quite a different-from-usual read for me, yet I thoroughly enjoyed it. I found the first couple of pages confusing, but once I got into the story everything fell into place, and Clement’s incredibly interesting, dark world opened up. One thing that stood out to me when reading this novel was the foreboding atmosphere that seemed to hang above every page. Clement manages to create such an atmosphere that the reader truly feels the anger and fear that her char [...]

    • This book takes place, mostly, in the town of Scarlock. We are drawn into the story with Nereia, a young girl whose main concern is to protect her younger sister from Copeland, the money lender who owns the town. They are trapped but they plan to escape. Meanwhile, far away, the Shantari are looking for 'the lady' who they must guard and protect. A group of adventurers arrive in Scarlock and a merchant, who is watching the events surrounding Nereia unfold with a growing sense of unease, turns ou [...]

    • On Dark Shores The Lady by J.A. ClementJules Rating: 5 starsThe first couple chapters of On Dark Shores had me sratching my head, I couldn't figure out where the book was taking me. Then it found its rythym. This book is haunting, dark and leaves you wanting more, and more. Some parts of the book gave me chills with my hair standing on end I can't wait for the next books to follow.On Dark Shore takes place in the town of Scarlock, which is being held hostage in fear of the moneylender Copeland, [...]

    • 3.5 starsScarlock has been under the brutal oppression of the moneylender Copeland for as long as anyone can remember. Nereia the thief is one of the only people living there with the courage not to cow-tow to him. However she has an achilles heel: her sister Mary and when Copeland threatens the young girl's safety in order to blackmail Nereia, he unwittingly sets off a chain of events that may change everything. The author's use of descriptive and evocative language builds an extremely well rea [...]

    • I loved this book! It had all the appeal of a novel of historical fiction, but a bit of fantasy is also thrown into the mix. It’s the first in a series of three I do believe. I will most definitely be getting the next two novels to read and review. I loved the characters and their stories. The evil Copeland is a great antagonist, and the grip he has on the fictional town of Scarlock is intense. His “muscle man” Blakey grows as a character in the novel, and at the end it’s hinted that the [...]

    • I have to start out by saying, this is an incredible novella and I hope Clement writes many, many more stories in this world. It is a dark world, a somewhat grim place, and there are threads and branches to this story that are barely touched in this initial entrance to the world – but there is no doubt that it is going to be a crazy ride, and one with which any dark fantasy fan will fall in love.I can’t think of a way to summarize the plot very well without giving away large bunches of infor [...]

    • Excerpted from the full review:"Reading the expository opening paragraphs of ‘On Dark Shores 1: The Lady’ prompted my best hopes for a gracefully constructed and fertilely imagined creative landscape. In these lines, we are introduced to the cast’s main players not by name, but through their dreams, all of which are uneasy, tempest-tossed. Tidings are being washed ashore which will bode ill, we are given to understand, and this hinting at future upheaval is admirably conveyed through Cleme [...]

    • On Dark Shores: The Lady by JA Clement is an enthralling page-turner and I adored the book. The marvellous story sucked me in from page one and the way the author weaves her narrative elements together, I believe she may be the literary child of Charles Dickens and Ursula K. le Guin.Sometimes you find a book that is such a delight to read, you don’t want to pry your eyes away from the page; On Dark Shores: The Lady is such a book. You fall in this world of fantasy from the first word, swept al [...]

    • "Copeland had already taken eleven years of her life, and there was no getting that back; but Nereia was damned if she’d let him have her sister."Change is stirring in ScarlockFor the last eleven years, Nereia has been Copeland's thief, stealing trinkets for him instead of going to work in the whorehouse, to protect her younger sister, Mary, from his clutches. But Copeland's reach in Scarlock is far and his ambitions are vast. Bent on getting Nereia to take on a new thieving scheme, Copeland l [...]

    • Scarlock is a dark, gloomy town in a country still struggling to sort out its history. The town may look sleepy, but there’s a lot going on and most of it not good. Like most of the inhabitants, Nereia is desperate to get out of the clutches of Mr. Copeland, the thug who runs the place. Unlike everyone else, Nereia is willing to risk the unthinkable: escape.This is a beautifully told story, gripping and with a number of threads twisting through it. The characters are all rich and deep. Even th [...]

    • On Dark Shores is a tale that is just that, dark. J.A. does a wonderful job in her descriptions of weather and scenery so much that I actually almost shivered. That should say a lot since it is over a 100 where I live. She gives such life to her characters that I could see them as real people and found myself even feeling their own emotions, even the most awful of villains!Her main character in this book is a very headstrong and stubborn girl by the name of Nereia. She will do anything possible [...]

    • Despite its darkness, this story’s infused with the promise of something more. Mysteries lurk on the edge of revelation as Nereia and her sister make a bid for freedom. The author spares nothing in portraying the cruelties and hardships of life, but adds a pleasing human kindness and the promise of more. I was just sorry the novella finished before the “more” was revealed, giving this reader a feeling of having read only part of something really good. I hope there’ll be a sequel soon, bu [...]

    • Have you ever been driving along listening to the radio when your favorite song comes on? You crank the volume and start singing along at the top of your lungs…then your route takes you under a series of power lines, and the reception goes spotty. That’s how I felt while reading this book; moments of absolute delight mixed with moments of complete frustrationFull review on Dark Side of the Covers blog.

    • I intended on reading a couple of chapters of this book before bed just to get me started, but ended up reading the whole thing in a sitting. I was initially confused by the first chapter but the plot soon became clear and made sense. I could feel the emotions very clearly, desperation and fear in particular. The writer portrayed the images and feelings very well, I have to say I was very impressed. I Look forward to now reading the next book and continuing this journey.

    • I liked the book. It kept me interested, although there was absolutely no conclustion to anything in this book hopefully the next one comes out soon otherwise I may not remember everything. I was a little confused with the skeleton part, I wasn't sure if that part was real or not because this didn't seem like a paranormal book by any means. I recommend it.

    • This book is not for the faint of heart as it describes torture, murder and other darkness. It is gritty and at times obscure but a brilliant read. My only complaint is that it is a novella so it was over before it began for me, but I did enjoy it so not a complete loss!

    • "On Dark Shores: The Lady" by J.A. Clement is a relatively short fantasy novel that forms the first part in her "On Dark Shores" series of novels. The story is mainly based around the town of Scarlock which is controlled by a tyrannical money lender named Copeland. In the town lives Nereia, a young woman who has become a thief after her family died and Copeland gave her a choice to either steal or become a prostitute. When Copeland threatens Nereia's younger sister, she realises that she needs t [...]

    • It's really hard to know what to say about this one. It starts well, with a truly atmospheric couple of chapters, but then the reader is dumped into a generic fantasy town with a generic fantasy villain and a generic fantasy situation - you know the sort of thing, there's this bad guy who runs the pickpockets, the brothels, the drugs trade, and our orphaned heroine is forced to be a thief in order to avoid a Fate Worse Than Death (ie working in the brothel). But why? Is there no honest work she [...]

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