What's Your Number?

What s Your Number Bosnak writes with a charming and original voice Chicago Sun TimesA smart and bubbly romp soon to be a major Hollywood motion picture starring Anna Faris Chris Evans Zachary Quinto and Andy Samber

  • Title: What's Your Number?
  • Author: Karyn Bosnak
  • ISBN: 9780062062628
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bosnak writes with a charming and original voice Chicago Sun TimesA smart and bubbly romp, soon to be a major Hollywood motion picture starring Anna Faris, Chris Evans, Zachary Quinto, and Andy Samberg, What s Your Number by Karyn Bosnak asks and answers the provocative question, how many men are too many When Delilah Darling exceeds her magic number of twenty ex love Bosnak writes with a charming and original voice Chicago Sun TimesA smart and bubbly romp, soon to be a major Hollywood motion picture starring Anna Faris, Chris Evans, Zachary Quinto, and Andy Samberg, What s Your Number by Karyn Bosnak asks and answers the provocative question, how many men are too many When Delilah Darling exceeds her magic number of twenty ex lovers without finding Mr Right, she sets out on a hilarious road trip to discover what went wrong Originally published as 20 Times a Lady, Bosnak s What s Your Number has got the number of chick lit romantic comedy fans who are looking for a sassy read with true wit as well as brains.

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    • Karyn Bosnak

      Karyn Bosnak was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago After spending much of her early career as a television producer, she moved to New York in 2000 and became a writer Her first book, the memoir SAVE KARYN based on the website of the same name , received international media attention when it was published in 2003 resulting in appearances on the Today Show and 20 20 Karyn s second book and first novel, 20 TIMES A LADY, was published in 2006 and became the 2011 feature film WHAT S YOUR NUMBER starring Anna Faris and Chris Evans To find out what Karyn s up to, visit karynbosnak.

    510 thoughts on “What's Your Number?

    • I wanted to get back into the romance genre since I've put it on hold on for almost a year butis was not the place to start up again. This sadly, was just not the read for me.

    • This book was funny. Some of Delilah's escapades as she tracks down the men from her past made me laugh out loud. Her character reminded me of Bridget Jones. The ending is fairly predictable, but it still satisfies.

    • Okay, so I only really read this book because I have seen the film and thought I'd give the book a chance. Not gonna lie, It wasn't until chapter 5 or 6 that I really became hooked. I loved how it was like you were in the mind of Delilah and how there was use of slang to put you on a 'friend' level with her. It was a really easy book to read and seemed very relaxed, there was no parts of the story that I wanted to rush through to get to a 'good bit', which is very rare nowadays. Another bonus fo [...]

    • Oh GOD!! What a ride. This book was exactly my perfect comedy romance movie. and Anna Faris on the cover :O can it get any better!!! OH MY GOD!! I can't imagine the amount of laughter I've spent over this book it was just HILARIOUS! And the thing is the book wasn't just funny the story was GREAT not unique (or maybe it was) but it was a really good story with a really strong message behind it. We all make mistakes and we all learn from them (not always hehe) and falling and tripping over the sam [...]

    • Really enjoyed this book after watching the film like a million times because i think it is amazing i decided to buy the book and was surprised at how different it is I like them both now I would definitely read Twenty Times A Lady Again. I enjoyed how ditzy and not perfect Dalilah was and how she still managed to find Colin a man who is amazingly perfect but flawed like her

    • If you watched the movie and thought "this isn't actually that great" my only advice to you is: never judge a book by its movie. Trust me, the film didn't do it justice! At all!!! Most the main events were changed and it took away the uniqueness that the book gave us. Trust me on this, its such a fun read and so much better than the film!

    • cute beginning got a little crazy in the middle and predictable ending. none the less - would be a great book for the beach now i need to see the movie!

    • This is one of my favorite movies so when reading the book I struggled with the differences but I still enjoyed it. It was pretty good and if I had not seen the movie I would probably have liked it even more.

    • It was a good read, but there were a few places where the proof-readers missed errors: missing quotation marks, words missing, repeating words, etc. I still liked the book!

    • Também disponível em: Na Cabeceira Da CamaA protagonista é a hilária Dalilah Darling, que após ler uma reportagem sobre a média de parceiros de uma mulher que é 10,5, descobre que a sua média é um pouquinho mais elevada… digamos 19, então ela estipula que não vai passar dos 20 e resolve se abster sexualmente, guardando a vigésima posição para aquele que é O escolhido, aquele que será o pai dos seus filhos, e isso não dá certo. (view spoiler)[ Ela é demitida, se embebeda, e f [...]

    • The original title of this book is "20 Times a Lady" which I had on my "To Read" shelf for over a year. (Unfortunately, my library did not have the book so I was unable to read it). I randomly picked up the new re-named book at the Las Vegas airport for my flight back home. I laughed and laughed while reading this book and also felt a connection to the main character, Delilah Darling. Delilah is 29 and is suddenly laid off from her prestigious job in NYC. Her youngest sister is about to be marri [...]

    • What's Your Number? was hilarious and so entertaining from the start to finish. I absolutely loved it!! It was so funny and amusing!! Delilah Darling was so much fun to read about.The book starts with Delilah reading an article stating the average number of men a women sleeps with is 10.5. Realizing that she has slept with 20 men, almost double the average, Delilah decides to find the 20 men and try to rekindle their relationship. With the help of her hot, Irish neighbor she hires as a cheap pri [...]

    • This book was laugh-out-loud funny. And original and sometimes over-the-top. There were times I thought I'd give it 4 stars but the warm feeling in my heart at the last page convinced me it was 5-star worthy!Delilah is determined not to sleep with more than 20 men in her lifetime, and so she goes on a cross-country adventure to track down all of her past lovers in the hope that she can rekindle a relationship with one of them that will lead to a life-time relationship and thus prevent her from a [...]

    • While I haven’t seen this movie, when I received a copy of the book I was looking forward to it. I had seen the previews and I thought Anna Farris (one of my favorite actresses) made this movie look hilarious! Well, I might have to watch the movie now after reading the novel, because it didn’t do much for me. The story is based on Delilah Darling, who is horrified after reading in the New York Post that the average person has 10.5 sex partners – and she’s just notched number twenty. On t [...]

    • A quick, harmless read that follows a 29 year old woman on her journey across the USA as she tracks down all 20 of her exes after losing her job. Delilah Darling reads a statistic that the average person has 10.5 sexual partners over the course of their lifetime and determines not to sleep with anymore men as surely she's already met her Mr. Right among the 20 exes. The premise of the novel is appealing to any female who has ever wondered "what if?" and Bosnak gives the familiar theme the much n [...]

    • This book follows the story of Delilah Darling, a twenty nine year old woman who one day reads an article stating that the average number of men women sleep with in their lifetime is 10.5. This article leaves Delilah feeling a little bit trampy as she realises her 'number' is much higher. In an attempt to avoid going any higher she decides to track down all of her former lovers to see if any of them deserve a second chance. With the help of her super sexy Irish neighbour Colin she hunts down eac [...]

    • Delilah Darling is 29, single and has just been laid off from her job. When she reads an article stating that most women will sleep with 10.5 people in their lives, and she wakes up in bed with her 20th, she wonders if she missed something the first time around, and decides to use her severance cheque to track down all her old boyfriends/hook ups and see what she missed. She's helped in her quest by the hot Irishman who lives across the hall, Colin, whose father is a private investigator. As Del [...]

    • I first saw the movie, fell in love with the characters, found out there was a book, and bought it. I was not disappointed.It's usually one way or the other: the book is better than the movie, or the opposite. In this case, I found myself reading the book -even if I knew how it would end in a general way- and enjoying the characters and plot a lot.There are many differences between the movie and the book, but the esence is still there - Delilah is quirky, she's slightly immature, going through a [...]

    • I chose to buy this book because I liked the movie. Both Anna Faris and Chris Evans were funny, and so I thought, if the movie was good, then the book must be even better. Wrong. Good movie, bad book. Honestly, it's unrealistic. I don't think any girl in real life would have actually done what Delilah did. Tracking down exes, then spying an ex with binoculars, faking to be a drug addict to gain entry into rehab for another ex, and so many other ridiculous things. She was so desperate to make thi [...]

    • Actually, I just knew this book from one of my favourite movies : "What's Your Number?"I recalled, accidentaly I watched that movies on Netflix because it was said that it is good movie. And true, it is really touching me, not only because its story but it is also because of Anna Faris and Chris Evan, and, oh its songs, it was very good to listen.Then I was googling everything about this movie, and found that that movie was adopted from a novel named 20 Times A Lady by Karyn Bosnak. I searched a [...]

    • I thought this book realistically captured the dilemma of the late 20-ish to 30-ish ladies where hook-ups are more common and people are still trying to determine the line (if one existed) between how many you can sleep with before you find the "right" one and having too many lovers. The strength of this work is the humor with which author, Karyn Busnak, presents the whole story. Sometimes, like main character, Delilah Darling we do crazy things in the hopes of making a difference in our lives. [...]

    • I won "What's Your Number?" By Linda W. Yezak through the First-reads giveaway program Thank You! The characters are interesting,crazy,witty,gross and sometimes funny.I cant imagine going to such lenghts as the main character whent through to find her mr. right!" What's Your Number" Is a fun quick read!I recommend this book! *** The movie came with the book. Thank you! *** I'm glad I read the book before I watched the movie!I loved the book and was looking forward in seeing it!Unfortunately hol [...]

    • I got this book because of the movie (which I have not seen yet) and I have to say I didn't really like it that much. The movie looks like it'll be better, in my opinion. Granted I'm not one for romantic-type novels in the first place but the whole sappy, cheesy obvious ending just about did it for me. Throughout the book, though, I found myself kind of not liking the main character. Also, the editing is pretty bad. I found numerous grammer errors ("you're" instead of "your" are you KIDDING me?! [...]

    • When I first saw the movie I thought it was a great romantic comedy, when I realize it was a book I thought eh why not just read it. I was a great reading decision it was funny in a corny and ridiculousness way. Delilah is one hell of a gal. I don't think I could ever pull half the shit she did. The book in itself was once twiceenty times better than the movie. (bawahahaha) The characters were funny and all included a lesson and Colin he is a smoking hot Irish man! What!? His scene outside the h [...]

    • Fun and fast paced chick-lit, recently turned into a film (which, as usual, fails to live up to the book). What's My Number follows Delilah Darling as she goes from feeling slut-shamed to (spoiler alert) feeling confident in herself. It's a journey that takes her back to each of the men that she has slept with, with the help of her neighbor - an attractive man who is far sluttier, and much less ashamed of it. It's light and funny, with just enough heart underneath the fluff. Although the premise [...]

    • Such an amazing book! I died reading it. After seeing the movie, i was so so so eager to read this book. It is in many ways different from the movie but equally as fresh, creative and funny. This is one of those books that you just find your self laughing out loud to. I would be reading in class and suddenly break out into giggle fits and have all my friends stare simply because i just couldn't hold back.You will not be disappointed with this story that leaves you laughing long after you read to [...]

    • I was looking for the film on when I discovered this was first a book. Curiosity and some great reviews encouraged me to get it. This was a good read. I didn't love it, I do adore the film so maybe my standards were a little high but I think this was one of those few I-actually-preferred-the-film moments. So rare.There were some things I wish had made it over to the film because I can just imagine it would have been hilarious and I did love the final-ish scene. But overall I think I will stick [...]

    • I loved this book. First of all, I would have fits of laughter, and would get strange looks from everyone in the room. This is just one of those highly relatable books. Every girl needs to read this book, no matter what your number is. It says things, that girls really talk about, and a lot of things they are afraid to say, in a hilarious format. You shouldn't be afraid of a number, or what has happened in the past. Great read. Will save this for my step daughter, when she is in her 20s late 20s [...]

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