Sadie Sadie Dawson thinks she has the perfect life until Christmas Day when a misunderstanding leads to a brutal event that changes everything Terrified Sadie flees her boyfriend s wrath two FBI agents a

  • Title: Sadie
  • Author: Rebecca Belliston
  • ISBN: 9781609080600
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sadie Dawson thinks she has the perfect life until Christmas Day when a misunderstanding leads to a brutal event that changes everything Terrified, Sadie flees her boyfriend s wrath, two FBI agents, and her perfect life Lost in a Montana snowstorm and desperate for refuge, she s taken in by four quirky guys on their annual holiday ski vacation As her physical wounds hSadie Dawson thinks she has the perfect life until Christmas Day when a misunderstanding leads to a brutal event that changes everything Terrified, Sadie flees her boyfriend s wrath, two FBI agents, and her perfect life Lost in a Montana snowstorm and desperate for refuge, she s taken in by four quirky guys on their annual holiday ski vacation As her physical wounds heal, Sadie wonders if she will ever be able to escape the clutches of her wealthy and determined boyfriend But just when her heart settles, she finds herself abandoned for a religion she doesn t understand She must discover who has her best interests at heart and who she can trust before it s too late.

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      145 Rebecca Belliston
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      Rebecca Belliston is the author of five novels, clean romances with heart pounding suspense In D tale Magazine called her dystopian trilogy, CITIZENS OF LOGAN POND, a piece that should be required reading for young and old alike In addition, Rebecca has written and arranged nearly forty religious and classical style pieces When she s not writing books or music, she loves to make sarcastic comments, play tennis, or curl up with a good book usually not at the same time She and her husband have five kids and live in the gorgeous state of Michigan WEBSITE rebeccabelliston FACEBOOK facebook rebeccalundbe TWITTER twitter rlbelliston BOOKBUB bookbub authors rebec SUBSCRIBE alturl wijhb

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    • I enjoyed this story. This is the first novel I have ever read that was written by a friend ! Great first book, Rebecca !Sadie is a mystery/romance. The mystery aspect of the plot is not so much a "who dunnit" as a "STOP him before he does it again" kind of thing. There was good suspense, but I loved the romance angle even more. The heroes were fun and identifiable as individual characters. Often times when there are multiple strong characters in the lead roles, it is necessary to keep a tab on [...]

    • For its genre of LDS adventure romance, I'd definitely give this a 4.5 stars if I could. I was lucky enough to get a signed copy of this new novel last month when Rebecca Belliston did a signing in Salt Lake City.Sadie is a beautiful, young woman caught up in a suddenly abusive relationship that she can't seem to leave because of the time she has spent with her boyfriend up to now and the money and influence he has to offer her. Unable to trust anyone, she runs away on a cold snowy night and nea [...]

    • I didn't care much for this book. specifically the main character. I'm sorry, but she's just extremely stupid. And the fact that her stupidity was literally the only thing that allowed the novel to push forward had me actually rooting for bad stuff to happen to her so she could just see the error of her ways and we could all move on. The action was good at the end, but it wasn't enough to salvage the rest of the novel.

    • This story was easy to read, believable, and adorable! I loved the innocent love developed by the four main guys for the very beautiful and relatable main character, Sadie. LDS fiction has never been my favorite genre, in fact I usually steer clear, but I thought this book was spiritually insightful without being preachy. I loved the contrast of the lovely setting with the monstrous ex-boyfriend. I'm excited to read Augustina! Props to Rebecca Belliston for creating a great first novel!

    • Really enjoyed this book! I can't say if I was biased by being a friend of the author (great job Rebecca!), but I thought it was really well done. The characters were believable, it was easy to read, and the suspense was definitely there. Can't wait to read the sequel.

    • This was a good read.When I got finised,I thought to myself,I wish she haden't left so many loose ends,but I'm glad it ended on a happy note,and then I googled Rebecca and found out there is a second book,so I'm guessing it will tie up the loose ends.I look forward to reading it.Thanks

    • I really enjoyed this book. A great mix of adventure and romance, it’s engaging and unpredictable to the end. The plot was well developed and the characters compelling and believable, which can be hard to find in LDS fiction. I’d love to see more by this author!

    • Loved the story! Can't wait to read more from this up-and-coming author. It left me wanting more; so I certainly hope there is another book in the works. Definitely recommend.

    • Sadie is an action packed romance. The book is very compelling and I couldn't put it down. The characters are great. I read it again. It was good the second time also.

    • Not my usual type of book. This was chosen for book club. It was a fun read- very quick. Obviously an LDS author. Kind of shmoopy and cheesy in places, but in a fun way. Overall I enjoyed the read.

    • I stumbled upon this book while browsing. When I realized it was LDS (mormon) fiction I wanted to give it a try because I am LDS and I wanted to see how the author would include that into the story.It was a quick fun read and I think it would be a great book for my daughter to read when she is a teen. It is clean and would bring up lots of topics for conversation with your teen. Like abusive relationships, dating within and outside of the church and moreI have added the sequel to my wish list.

    • Good summer read that keeps moving. Perfect for a slow August day. Characters weren't complicated, many a bit stereotypical, but she did represent two things quite well: 1) The internal justifications / struggle of one in an abusive relationship who knows it but doesn't see that she ought to leave and 2) The internal struggle of the single Mormon guy who feels like he shouldn't date or fall in love with someone who doesn't share his religious beliefs.

    • I didn’t realize when I started reading this book that it was an LDS fiction book. I don’t normally read LDS fiction books. Usually I look to see what genre a book is before reading it. But I surprising really liked it.

    • Not bad for a first book. The author was a bit long winded and could have gotten the story across in half the words. Still an interesting read.

    • I LOVED this book! It kept me turning pages and I did not want to put it down. The story line was crazy and interesting and intense and the love story was of course cheesy and perfect. I love Sadie!

    • I enjoyed reading this book; it is one that I read in a single day. It fits in a few genres: LDS, YA, and crime thriller.In my opinion, the author excelled at fleshing out the minor characters. Sometimes with books, when multiple characters are introduced at the same time, I have trouble telling them apart and have to flip back to remember who is who, but that did not occur with this novel. Belliston did a great job giving Sam, Josh, Kevin, and Trevor their own personalities and identity. I real [...]

    • Just the right balance between romance and mystery. I feel like there could be more to the story's ending like a sequel. All ends well and this is a clean read.Sadie, or Angelina thought that all was going right in her world, with a rich, handsome boyfriend (Guillermo) a good job, and a mother who loved her, but all that changed when the FBI showed up at her apartment accusing her boyfriend of being involved in drug trafficking and illegal bribery of high officials in Montana. That wasn't even t [...]

    • Sadie is on the run from a suddenly violent boyfriend in a snowstorm in Montana near Christmastime. She is rescued by four friends who are staying in a cabin for the break to enjoy an annual ski/snowboard outing. A lot of unexpected things occur during this break--some good, some bad.I thought Sadie was a pretty spunky girl, but she seemed pretty clueless about her boyfriend. I guess it's the typical abusive situation, where she didn't really want to believe this is how he is. I loved the banter [...]

    • I've been excited to read this book for several months nowd it didn't disappoint! Sadie is a girl who seems to have it all (handsome, multi-million dollar boyfriend, popularity, beauty), but within the first few pages, her glitzy life unravels. She is beaten by her boyfriend and locked up when he thinks she has betrayed him; escaping out a window, she flees for her life and is found half dead and frozen by 4 young men on a ski trip for Christmas break. This story was gripping and held my interes [...]

    • I got this book from a very dear friend as a Christmas present. I have not read an LDS romance in YEARS so I had to keep reminding myself that this is how 'those books' are. Meaning there is a lot of things in here that unless you are LDS you just won't get or understand. I wish it would have been written more in a way that would cross over to others. I enjoyed the writing, was intrigued by the story, and thought the romance was cute. There were a few things that were a bit out there for me to g [...]

    • Sadie is about a girl who is beaten by her boyfriend. As she runs from her boyfriend, she passes out while trying to find. Sooner or later a group of men, who were on a trip, found her. They took her into their care, and began to build a friendship with her. As the book continues Sadie begins to have a certain interest in one of the men and finds herself in love. This book wasn't made into a movie.I would most defiantly recommend this to book to anyone, mostly to young adults as well as older ad [...]

    • This is a beautifully woven story of a young woman in search of truth and a meaningful life. Sadie is torn between what she thought her life was going to be, a life of opulence and adoration, and what her heart really wants, a life of true love and devotion. Through horrific circumstances, she finally learns that the former life was just an illusion and that the truth is borne by her one true love. This is one of those stories that absorbs you from the beginning, making you know and love the cha [...]

    • About the first third of the book was sodat I kept wanting to quit reading. I couldn't believe had lead me astray with its overall rating for this book. At about 4:30 am (I had a bout of insomnia), I was too tired to get another book so kept reading and ultimately finished the book. I would rate about the first half of the book one star--no question about it--I disliked it that much. About the last fourth of the book, I would rate as five stars (and where I think the rating must come from). If [...]

    • I enjoyed this book although I found the character of Sadie to be a little annoying.(Spoiler)I was mostly annoyed with the fact that she refused to talk to the FBI. I understand that one of the FBI agents was a mole but she didn't know that until the end and it just seemed like any normal rational person wouldn't be so antagonistic towards law enforcement unless they had something to hide. I did like the plot. I liked the budding relationship between Sadie and Josh throughout the whole book. I w [...]

    • I don't usually give 5 stars, but I really loved this book. I am shocked this is Belliston's first novel. It was great! I loved the characters, the story moved fast, and never lagged. The romance was sweet, and clean. And I loved the LDS parts, that weren't preachy, or over done. Great book! I'd let my teen daughter read it. I picked this up at Deseret Book on a whim, and I'm so glad I did! I'd love to read more by this author, and I can't wait to share this one with others! Sadie Is accused of [...]

    • Fun story! What would you do if the FBI was after your boyfriend, and you believed he was innocent? What would you do after your boyfriend beat you up in a fit of rage because he found a listening device in your purse? What would you do after you were found by 4 guys on a skiing trip, and the FBI is still after you? That is the pickle that Sadie finds herself in. As she comes to terms with the fact that maybe her boyfriend is not all she thought he was, she must also deal with growing feelings f [...]

    • This clean LDS romance/mystery is about Augustina/Sadie who has a very rich boyfriend. When he thinks she is working with the FBI against him, he beats her up and locks her in her room. She escapes and is found by four college-age men who are staying at a cabin and having a skiing holiday over Christmas break. After a few days, Sadie goes back to her boyfriend. Although the reader guesses he is a criminal, the book keeps you guessing. I enjoyed the book, although I was kind of upset about the no [...]

    • This is one of the better LDS fiction stories I've read. The writing is surprisingly well done, not cheesy or cringe worthy in most places. The love story is believable, albeit fast. It didn't wrap up too quickly and kept the book going to an actual end. I will say this is not really a suspenseful novel, it's a romance with some slight twists thrown in. So if you're going in thinking this is a mystery with romance, reverse it and you have the right idea. I'm interested to see what else Belliston [...]

    • When I started reading this book, I was nervous for several reasons. I've never read any LDS fiction before and I was worried about it being preachy or weird. I was also a little worried because I know the author. However, I worried needlessly! I thought it was very interesting to read a book where some of the main characters are LDS. I really appreciated reading about these characters who I have something in common with that is so close to my heart. I also just really liked the story. It was ex [...]

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